About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Department of Psychology! 

It has been my distinct pleasure to be the chair of the Psychology Department and work with our pre-eminent 
and diverse faculty who are committed to teaching, scholarship, research and mentoring a diverse student body  
that is drawn from around the world.  Our team has been incredible in supporting the operation of the various 
programs we offer and improving and expanding student services. 

Department Chair Dr. Angela CrossmanThe Department offers a wide array of foundational, specialized and interdisciplinary courses that provide students with an overall knowledge of the field. The Bachelor of Arts in forensic psychology, the first and most prestigious one of its kind in the country, is designed for students interested in the relationship between psychology and the legal system, especially the criminal justice system. The Baccaleureate/Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology is also available to academically advanced students to simultaneously pursue their baccaleureate and master's degree.  All John Jay students have an opportunity to minor in psychology and specialize in addiction studies

The Master’s in Forensic Psychology program is designed to train practitioners to provide psychological services to and within the criminal justice system as well as to prepare students for doctoral study in psychology. The Department also offers a new New York State licensure-eligible Master’s in Forensic Mental Health Counseling. Additionally, the Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology offers an 18-credit Certificate to those mental health professionals who wish to compliment their training with an additional focus in forensic psychology, with a choice of six different sub specializations. Finally the MA-JD in Forensic Psychology and Law offers a 4-year program with NY Law School, training lawyers with a specialization in Forensic Psychology and Mental Disability Law. The MA faculty are constantly working on expanding student opportunities.  The Psychology department is delighted to announce the creation of the Certificate of Victimology Studies in Forensic Psychology and the Victim Counseling Track in the Forensic Mental Health Counseling MA Program. Both programs are designed for students who want more specialized training in working with victims and want to broaden their skills to further their careers. We hope these offerings will provide more opportunities for our students and continue to grow our shared department reputation as cutting edge in forensic psychology issues.

In addition, our department is a leading institution on forensic and clinical psychology research.  The Doctoral Program in Psychology of the City University of New York (CUNY) is housed in our Department.  We offer two tracks of doctoral study:  Clinical and Psychology and Law.

Please contact us for any additional information or questions at psychology@jjay.cuny.edu or 212-237-8771. 

Let's get psych'd!


Dr. Angela Crossman, Chair & Professor