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About Us

About Us


The Library as an academic department is central to the educational mission of John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It aims to inspire students to develop skills of critical thinking and effective communication.  By collecting, describing, arranging and managing print and electronic information resources, we facilitate student learning, and support and encourage scholarship and research. Reference librarians work collaboratively with students and faculty on research projects, assisting with identifying and locating appropriate information. We use modern technology to bring the virtual library and remote reference to our students and faculty off campus.

We are committed to supporting the college's goal of ensuring that our students gain the information competency skills they require in successfully navigating the increasingly complex information environment. We endeavor to educate our students and prepare them for a changing world by teaching information skills, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging lifelong learning.

Library faculty maintain full involvement in the life and development of the College and the profession. This includes original cataloguing, publishing in scholarly journals, serving on college and university committees, and involvement in professional organizations.