About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The Center for International Human Rights (CIHR) was established in 2001 with a mandate to study the main challenges to the promotion and protection of internationally recognized human rights norms; analyze and assess the intersections between human rights violations and international crimes; investigate genocide historically and in the contemporary world; and devise educational programs aimed at increasing public awareness of these norms. 

The Center at John Jay College focuses on a critical examination of long-standing and emerging issues on the human rights agenda, as well as on equipping our students with the necessary background and experience to pursue their interests in human rights scholarship and advocacy. CIHR regularly conducts research workshops, seminars (including panel discussions and lectures) and develops outreach programs. The workshops focus on cutting edge issues and bring together experts in the field to present and discuss their work and usually result in publications as books, or special issues in scholarly journals. In addition, the Center is consistently looking for innovative outreach/awareness activities to actively involve the college community, as well as the broader public, on important human rights issues. 

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