Required Core

The Required Core (12 credits) is made up of four courses:

1. English Composition (2 courses)

These courses will require you to:

  • Read and listen critically and analytically.
  • Write clearly and coherently in varied academic formats.
  • Demonstrate research skills.
  • Develop strong argumentation skills.
  • Formulate original ideas.


2. Math and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)

This course will require you to:

  • Interpret quantitative representations (e.g. graphs, formulas).
  • Use algebraic, numerical, graphical, or statistical methods.
  • Translate problems from language to math.
  • Effectively communicate answers to mathematical problems.
  • Evaluate solutions to mathematical problems.
  • Apply mathematical methods to problems in other fields of study.


3. Life and Physical Sciences (1 course)

This course will require you to:

  • Identify and apply concepts and methods of science.
  • Apply the scientific method to explore natural phenomena.
  • Use scientific tools to carry out collaborative laboratory work.
  • Gather, analyze, and interpret data in reports.
  • Use research ethics and unbiased assessment.