Active Shooter Preparedness

Active Shooter Preparedness


Active Shooter Poster
NYPD SHIELD Active Shooter Flyer

Emergency Plan In the Event of Active Shooting or Hostage Incidents on the John Jay Campus

If there is a report of a shooting in the building you have three options:

  •          If communication is available, always dial 911. It is also crucial to notify
             Public Safety at x8888 if using a college phone, or call (212) 237-8888
             from an outside phone.
  •          Run to a safe location if it is advisable to do so.
  •          Hide in a room and lock the door. Shut off the interior lights and silence your cell phones. Only exit when                the police advise you to do so.
  •          Fight the active shooter as a last resort. Use anything available to fight the shooter from fire
             extinguishers to chairs.
  •          Once you evacuate from the building follow the instructions of the police or first responders.
  •          Exit the building with your hands up in the air and your fingers spread.
  •          If you are injured notify the first responders immediately.



ONLY in the case of a Campus Lockdown, you should use the panel board found near the door to block glass window on the door.

  •          Remain Calm
  •          Lock door and turn off the lights
  •          Lift panel board
  •          Hook it to the latch at top of window covering the glass completely.
  •          Silence your phones (Do not put on Vibrate)
  •          Barricade the door and remain silent
  •          Wait for instructions from Public Safety/NYPD


Any concerns or questions regarding campus safety can be addressed by calling Public Safety at 212-237-8524 and asking to speak with a Director or Sergeant.