Advising in the Political Science Department

Advising in the Political Science Department

General Advising Information
Many questions can be answered using the resources listed below. Please take a look at those documents and links before seeing an advisor.
Advising questions can also be sent to
Advising Information for the 2022-2023 Academic Year
Students in the Law & Society major, Political Science major, or Political Science major can be advised by Catherine Kleint in the Academic Advisement Center. Appointments can be made here:
Starting in September, the following Departmental Advisors will be available to meet with students in both majors and the minor:
Prof. Janice Bockmeyer
Prof. Michael Yabrough
Prof. Katherine Zuber
Zoom "Walk In" Hours
Wednesdays Community hour, 1:30-3:00 PM
Contact Hours:
Tuesday 10:50AM-12:05 PM
password: officehour
Anytime by email
Contact Hours: Tuesday 1:40-2:55

Office Location: 9.65.30

Zoom meeting 

If you wish to send questions to the advisors, please use
Students are also welcome to contact the Department Chairperson, Prof. Susan Kang, whose information is below.
Research Advisor:
Prof. Marcos Soler is available to provide research guidance to all students taking courses offered in the department. He is available at, or the following office hours:
Monday/Wednesday, NB 09.65.35,  5:50PM-7:20PM) and virtually (TH 5:00PM-7:00PM).  His Zoom meeting room can be accessed here.
Contacting the Department Chairperson
Prof. Kang can be reached by email at Prof. Kang also has a Google Voice number, ‪(646) 355-8531‬, which can be used for voice calls or text messages. If you text, Prof. Kang may not be able to reply right away. She will respond as soon as she is able.
To make a Zoom appointment with Prof. Kang, please go to 

Zoom information will be available upon siging up for a meeting.




Advising Resources

Political Science
Law & Society
Career Resources

While the following linked articles refer to Political Science, the same career advice applies to Law & Society majors. Law & Society approaches questions differently than is typical in Political Science. Law & Society majors, however, develop many of the same research, writing, and critical thinking skills.