AI and Human Rights Lecture

AI and Human Rights Lecture

Dr. Hin-Yan Liu  is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen and director of the Center for International Law, Conflict and Crisis.

Dr Liu’s research interests lie at the frontiers of emerging technology governance, and in developing law and policy tools to mitigate existential and global catastrophic risks. His core research agenda focuses upon the myriad of governance, regulatory and legal challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. As these technologies become increasingly ubiquitous across society, fundamental questions concerning their impact and direction raised.  

The lecture will be followed by comments by Professor George Andreopoulos, Director of the Center for International Human Rights at John Jay College.

Use the links below to explore Professor Liu’s work:

The digital disruption of human rights foundations, Chapter 5 in Human Rights, Digital Society and the Law: A Research Companion, edited by Mart Susi, 2019.

From the Autonomy Fremwork towards Networks and Systems Approaches for "'Autronomous' Weapons Systems, from the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, 2019.