The ALL-IN-ONE Schedule

The ALL-IN-ONE Schedule

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS) wants to make your search of training topics simpler and quicker with an All-In-One (AIO) schedule that consolidates all CLSS categories of training events.  Released on May 14th, 2010, the AIO schedule listed below is set for your convenience to show all current and upcoming events by default.  However, it is built with several buttons to give you the option to view events by the current month, current year and even archival months and years.

Please abide by the admission requirement of the category of each event.


Due to the current system's content restriction, the dynamic schedule can no longer be published. As an alternative, we have statically published our events as downloadable PDFs. All CLSS training events are also published in the college calendar..

CLSS Training Schedules in downloadable PDFs:

25 minute Tech Shot 1

25 minute Tech Shot 2

25 minute Tech Shot 3

Hands-On Workshop



Event Category Admission Requirement
25 minute Tech Shot:  First-come-first-serve basis. A reservation is not required.
Tech Bites:  First-come-first-serve basis. A reservation is not required.
Training Course:  Please call CLSS at extension 8047 to register.
Hands-on Workshop:  Please call CLSS at extension 8047 to register.
Demonstration:  Please call CLSS at extension 8047 to register.
Walk-In Assistance:  Just walk-in at the announced date and time.
Consultation:  The individual with the prearranged appointment only.
Attendee must have his/her valid John Jay College ID card with current semester sticker.



Please visit the CLSS General FAQ for common questions and answers.