Apply for Travel Money

Apply for Travel Money

Apply for Conference Travel Money or Student Travel Fund

A key aspect of academic research and creative projects is sharing the results of those projects with the community. The knowledge and insights gained from scholarly work must be communicated to the community so that the field can advance. The communication of the results of our efforts can take several forms, but two of them are the most important: the publication of research papers, books, and/or anthologies; and the presentation of work at academic conferences.

As an important part of the research team, students have a place at academic conferences when the results of their project are presented. Whether the faculty mentor or the student him/herself is presenting the results, an academic conference is a powerful experience for students. We encourage students to make every effort to attend at least one academic conference with their faculty mentor.

However, registration, travel, and lodging can add up to considerable expense. Thus, the OUR and the college scholarship committee have set up special funding to support student travel to conferences. This support is called the Young Scholar Award.

Listed below are the upcoming deadlines for Young Scholar Awards. For some deadlines, you will submit your application to the college scholarship coordinator, Michael Scaduto. For other deadlines, you will submit your application to the OUR office. However, the application and review process is the same for both. Please read the instructions carefully.

How to apply:

To apply for a Young Scholar Award, you will need to fill out a general scholarship application. Click here to download the application. You will also need to describe the presentation and get a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor that indicates her/his support of both your research and your attendance at the conference. Your application should include a budget for your travel expenses and, if possible, proof of your acceptance as a participant in the conference. If you are applying for the award before you register for the conference because funds are limiting, you will have to provide proof of acceptance to the conference before you receive the funds.

A full description of what should be included in your application can be found here.

To learn more about the Student Travel Program, please click on the link below for further instructions.

Student Travel Fund