Campus Office Services & Records Management

Campus Office Services & Records Management

Mission Statement

The Office of Campus Office Services & Records Management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is an essential division of the College. This area strives to enhance Financial and Business Services' effectiveness through the efficient delivery of services, which include the management of Central Receiving & Stockroom; Copiers; Mailroom; Print Shop, and Records Management. This entity manages the billing for non-tax levy units; monitors usage for services (copying, printing, postage and supplies) to all departments and assigns allocations to the academic and administrative departments annually. This area is also responsible for the assignation of department designees and approvers to gain access to, the JJC Stockroom, and WebCRD (JJC Printing Solutions).

The mission of Campus Office Services & Records Management is to assist faculty, staff and students to ably access all the pertinent services within the college, allowing them to achieve and meet their needs in a timely and productive manner; and to delivery excellent customer service in support of the College’s mission.

All grant funded units (non-tax levy) within the college that utilizes campus office services, are billed quarterly by this office. This office is the primary contact to add a grant for printing, copying, stockroom and mailing services.

The NYS copier contract is administered by Campus Office Services & Records Management, which manages the College contract and is the liaison between the college and the vendor. All requests for new copiers should come through this office. Copier toner may be acquired through the JJC online Stockroom.

Monitor Usage Reports/Allocations 
This office monitors usage of services by department, which includes: copiers, printing, stockroom and mailing. Quarterly reports are remitted to academic and administrative departments, who have allocations against which their usage is charged. As noted above, all other non-tax levy areas funded by grants etc. are invoiced and billed quarterly.

Academic and administrative departments (tax-levy units) are allocated a budget for each service, which is based on the prior three years spending at the beginning of each fiscal year. Services are charged back to allocations and are noted on the quarterly usage reports. If an allocation has been spent, the specific department must request a transfer of funds through the budget office to replenish that allocation.

Records Management 
The John Jay College records management program is a part of the larger CUNY policy on records retention, which only deals with paper records. This department informs the community of upcoming dates for the shredding of records. If you wish to dispose of records, please contact Estefania Di Bua at ext. 8530. Stockroom 
In order to purchase supplies from and/or the JJC Stockroom, a designee form with the names of the designees and signed by the department chair, must be submitted to this office, which in turn will add those names to the online ordering systems.

WEBCRD Approver Access                                                                                                                                               In order to approve an order submitted to the Print Shop through the online print services software, an approver must be assigned for your department. The Approver(s) form needs to be completed and signed by the department chair before it is submitted to the office of Campus Office Services and Records Management.

Policies & Procedures 

John Jay College Policies and Procedures Compendium (Inside John Jay)