Center Hours & Resources

Center Hours & Resources



Services will be offered online/remote only. Please check out our homepage for more information - Some services and resources may not be available during interim of the Distance Learning period. Please contact the MLC at for more information. 


MLC Tutoring Rules and Policies

Please note: spaces in the MLC are primarly used for tutoring, placement exams, Duolingo, homework, and other miscellaneous services, professional staff developments, & events.

  • Scheduling Tutoring Appointments: for students registered in a supported JJAY course.
    • Small group - No more than 2 students, 60-minute sessions.
    • One-on-one (if available)– no more than 1 student, 30 minute sessions.
    • Students may schedule up to four appointments in advance per subject.
    • Appointments may be scheduled up to three weeks (21 days) in advance.
  • Walk-In Support:
    • Don't have a pre-scheduled appointment - you can receive Walk-in services.
      • This service cannot be utilized if the tutor has two students already or is tutoring a different language or level from the course you are requesting help for.
      • Students scheduled for an appointment have a 15 minute grace (late) period from the time the appointment begins before their appointment can be used to help a students requesting a walk-in.
      • If a student is taking a language course at another school but the same language is also offered at JJAY:
        • A tutor may not be able to assist them:
          • Tutors tutor and do not teach new material.
          • The language could be taught at a different level and/or the materials could very different at the other school from the tutor's experience.
            • Students should provide this information to the MLC front desk, to the tutor, and bring with them a syllabus and materials from their course so the tutor can assess the content and the best way to proceed.
    • After being signed in for a walk-in, always remember to get sign out at the front desk.
        • You can kindly inform students to utilize another computer lab on campus, or to come back at a later time.
  • Conversation Tables:
    • At least two students, four students max.
    • Request at the front desk.
    • This is not a normal tutoring session, but rather an opportunity for the tutor to engage the students in conversation between each other in the target language. This helps the student practice speaking and hearing the language.
  • Language+(PLUS):
    • Consistent weekly one-on-one tutoring until the end of the semester.
    • Obtain referral from your professor after first exam grade is received.
  • Workshops:
    • These are large group sessions (5-15)
    • They usually take place in rooms outside of the MLC
    • You will either be working on provided material from a language instructor, the textbook, or your own materials and questions.
    • You will also be asked to complete a rubric/survey so we can measure your learning.
  • Tutoring, Engagement, & Receiving Extra Credit –
    • Some students are required to come to tutoring for credit toward their language course grade.
    • Coming to tutoring means the student has to be engaged.
      • Engagement is a big part of a student’s improvement, maintenance, and success in their language course.
        • Students should be prepared with material, notes, questions, text and work books, videos, etc.
        • The more at student brings in, the more a tutor will have to work with as they establish a baseline or the student's current understanding and the goals they will set as they master the material.
        • Even if a student is doing well in the course we suggest still coming to the MLC to:
          • Review older material as well to maintain their successful understanding of the language content.
          • Work with a tutor to set new goals for upcoming material and course work
          • Work on their homework in the computer lab.
      • Scheduled an appointment in advance:
        • We recommend students stay for the full hour of the session.
        • Students should be actively engaged with course content, goal setting and study strategies, etc.
      • Walk-in support for tutoring:
        • We recommend students stay the full time of the session chosen (30-60 minutes).
        • Students should be actively engaged with course content, goal setting and study strategies, etc.
      • Walk-in support for Duolingo, Computer Lab, Independent study:
        • Students can stay for as long as the lab is open or as long as they need to complete their work.
        • Students should be actively engaged with course content, goal setting and study strategies, etc.
        • For course extra credit, students need to stay a minimum of 15 minutes or whatever their instructor requires if longer.
  • Printing Visit Record –
    • Students can request their visit record at the MLC be printed at the front desk. MLC staff do not sign anything.
  • Textbook, Headphones, & Spanish Movie Resources: 
    • Students may check out hardcopy textbooks, headphones, and spanish movie resources to practice with language content during their tutoring session or for individual study.
    • All request have to made at the front desk.
    • Students must submit an ID to check out a resource. IDs will be returned when the resource is returned.
      • One ID per resource
    • No resource is allowed to be held overnight or over the weekend. All resources have to be returned the same day they are borrowed.



Updated Spring 2021