CLEP Exams

CLEP Exams

CLEP exams are offered in over 30 subjects in business, literature, math, science, history, psychology, and language. Some CLEP credits are equivalent to specific John Jay courses, while some count as electives. For a list of equivalent courses and passing scores for each CLEP exam, see: CLEP Equivalency Table.

If the equivalent course for a CLEP exam satisfies a general education, major, or minor requirement, then that CLEP exam may be used to satisfy that requirement.

Registration and fees

There are two steps to registering for a CLEP exam. First, purchase the exam from the College Board. The purchase price is $80. Next, select a testing center and make an appointment. There is an additional administrative fee payable to the testing center. These fees vary from center to center, but are usually about $30. For details on registering, go to

Military personnel may be eligible for funding for CLEP exams through DANTES. For information on this program, go to

Where to take the test

CLEP exams are given at many different testing centers. To find a convenient location, use the search tool on the CLEP website at

John Jay College does not administer CLEP exams.

Sending your score

At the testing center, you will be asked where your score should be sent. Identify John Jay by using school code 2115. Your score will be sent automatically.

CLEP on your transcript

If you have met the passing score, the Registrar will post the credits to the ‘Other Credits’ section of your transcript. The notation will include the equivalent course number and number of credits awarded and indicate that the credits are for a CLEP exam.

CLEP credits are not calculated in your GPA.