CUNYfirst 101

CUNYfirst 101

CUNYfirst is a student management system that gives you a quick and easy way to access information about all areas of your academic life, from admissions through academic progress/graduation. You can now manage your school related activities via CUNYfirst.

The links below provide directions to some of the important things you will you do in CUNYfirst.

Getting Started on CUNYfirst

How to Activate my CUNYfirst Account

How to Change my CUNYfirst Password

Description of the CUNYFirst Student Center

How to View my Holds

How to View my "To Do List"

How to Upload Student Documents to CUNYFirst

Academics on CUNYfirst

Apply for E-Permit

Cancel E-Permit

Class Enrollment

Class Shopping Cart

Drop Classes

My Academic Planner

How to Search for Classes

Swap Classes

View Course Catalogue

View my Enrollment Appointment

View my Class Schedule

View my Exam Schedule

Financials on CUNYfirst

Accept/Decline Awards

Account Inquiry

Direct Deposit

Enroll in a Payment Plan

Make an Online Payment

Self Service – Student Financials – FAQ

Submit CUNY Supplement Form

Submit Direct Loan Processing Form

View my Bill

View my Financial Aid

View my 1098-T


Apply for Graduation

View my Graduation Status

Personal and Contact Information

Add/Update my Mailing Address

Verification of Enrollment on CUNYfirst

Order my Official Transcript

Request Enrollment Verification

View my Unofficial Transcript