Dean of Students

Dean of Students

Our Office's Purpose

We support student-centered education that nurtures a student's ability to think critically and creatively, develop values and ethics, and promote respect for human diversity while empowering them to make responsible choices and embrace a healthy emotional, physical and professional lifestyle.

Financial assistance is available to all students regardless of immigration status through the emergency funding program. We offer funds for tuition assistance and books (PDF), and other emergencies (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions (Click Tab for Answer)

What resources does the Dean of Students office provide?

Students and their families usually have questions about cost, aid, and classes. These links will guide you to the offices that help you pay your bill, get financial aid, receive tutoring, and track your degree progress. For students, we encourage you to get involved in John Jay College's vibrant community by exploring clubs and student organizations and engaging in community outreach.

For parents and families, we provide advice when your student faces life challenges, such as personal conflicts, stress, mental illness, or University policy violations. Life doesn't always go as planned, so we are here to help. For faculty members, we serve as a resource for student conduct issues.

If there is any way the Student Affairs team can further assist you, please contact our office at 212-237-8211 or .

Dean Certification Forms

Prospective employers, other colleges, and government agencies may require a student to provide documentation of their John Jay disciplinary record. These forms may be known as Dean's Certifications, Credentials, or Disciplinary Clearance. Students may fill out a Certification request form in our office. We require at least three business days to produce a Certification Form for students, so please plan accordingly.

Dean Certification Forms are not transcripts, letters of good academic standing, or letters of recommendation; they deal only with disciplinary issues.

What happens if I report someone to the Behaviorial Intervention Team?

Once you submit a report, you will receive an acknowledgement from a member of the BIT team, confirming that we have viewed the report and are taking the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. You should not expect detailed information about the outcome of the report, because the issue may involve confidentiality rights of the person being reported.

To substantiate the report, we may speak with the person being reported; gather additional evidence or information by interviewing members of the John Jay Community; compile additional documentation; review evidence sources (e.g., Google, public information, Public Safety records, academic records); or make a referral to BIT or another entity.

In case of emergency, who should I contact?

Report emergency or extreme situations immediately to the Public Safety Department at 212.237.8888 and/or 911 (as appropriate) if an individual displays an imminent threat to self or others, serious disruptive or threatening behavior, damages property, or breaks the law.

What else should I report to BIT?

If you see or experience any of the following, submit a report: Elevated and severe behavioral concerns such as suicidal thoughts or impulses, violent and aggressive impulses, depression, disruptive behavior, emotional/behavioral dysregulation, or clear indication of physical and sexual abuse should immediately be reported to the Dean of Students for referral to the Behavioral Intervention Team. Mild to moderate mental and behavioral health concerns (e.g., signs of emotional difficulty, situational stressors, and changes in usual behavior) should be referred for consultation or intervention to the Wellness Center.

Committee on Student Interests (COSI) Meeting schedule Spring 2023

Tuesday, February 14 at 1:40PM
Tuesday, March 21 at 1:40PM
Thursday, May 4 at 1:40PM

All meetings will take place via Zoom. Please email for a link to register to attend.