Your Major and Career: Fact or Fiction

Your Major and Career: Fact or Fiction

There are many myths out there about majors and careers. Do you know which of the below statements are true? Click "fact" or "fiction" to find out.

1. Most people don’t know their college major as high school seniors.

2. Your college major will dictate your career. 

3. I should choose my major first semester, freshman year.  

4. When I declare my major, I'm locked in.   

5. There is one perfect career for me.   

6. Choosing a major means deciding what I will do with the rest of my life.  

7. I should choose a major or career field based on what's "hot" in the current job market.  

8. Since I have general education credits and electives to complete at John Jay, I can wait until I'm a junior to figure out my major. 

9. If I take the introductory course in a potential major, I'll know for sure it's for me.  

10. A major does not need to be directly related to a future career goal. 

11. Most college freshmen have a major and career path planned out.