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Anthony Marcus

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PhD    The City University of New York

BFA    New York University


After doing a PhD in the Anthropology at the City University of New York that focused on urban poverty, gender, and homelessness, I moved to Australia and served as Senior Lecturer in International Development at the University of Melbourne in Australia, where I did research on international aid, development, and poverty amelioration in the Maldives, urban Indonesia, and rural Nepal. I was a founding Academic Head of the School of International Development of Melbourne University Private, which provided Australia’s first entirely online MA/Ph.D program and did consulting for the United Nations and the Red Cross, in post-tsunami reconstruction projects in the Republic of Maldives. Since arriving at John Jay in 2008 I have focused on human trafficking, teenage prostitution, prisoner reentry, community justice, and intergenerational family conflict over marriage, gender, migration, and youth issues in New York City. I am one of two editors-in-chief of the journal Dialectical Anthropology.

Scholarly Work

Selected Current Publications

Lem, Winnie & Anthony Marcus, eds. 2020. Notes on Covid-19 and the contradictions of capital: a Dialectical Anthropology special symposium. A Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology 44(3) Dialectical Anthropology | Volume 44, issue 3 (

Horning, Amber, Chris Thomas, and Anthony Marcus. 2020. Risky Business: Harlem Pimps’ Work Decisions and Economic Returns: Deviant Behavior: Vol 41, No 2 ( 41(2):160-185.  

Marcus, Anthony. 2020. Some notes on prisoner education and the anthropology of reentry: a report from the field | SpringerLink Dialectical Anthropology (Online First) 

Marcus, Anthony, Aliyah Middleton, and Amber Horning. 2019. “Pimps and Madams” in Encyclopedia of Women and Crime, Frances P. Bernat and Kelly Frailing, eds. Wiley. Pimps and Madams - Marcus - - Major Reference Works - Wiley Online Library

Marcus, Anthony, P. Begum, L. Alsabahi, and R. Curtis 2019.  Between Choice and Obligation: An Exploratory Assessment of Forced Marriage Problems and Policies among Migrants in the United States | Social Policy and Society | Cambridge Core 18(1):19-36.

Selected Older Publications

Marcus, Anthony, Jo Sanson, Amber Horning, Efram Thompson & Ric Curtis. 2016. " Pimping and Profitability: Testing the Economics of Trafficking in Street Sex Markets in Atlantic City, New Jersey ", Sociological Perspectives, Pimping and Profitability: Testing the Economics of Trafficking in Street Sex Markets in Atlantic City, New Jersey - Anthony Marcus, Jo Sanson, Amber Horning, Efram Thompson, Ric Curtis, 2016 ( 59(1):46-65.

Marcus, Anthony, Amber Horning, Ric Curtis, Jo Sanson & Efram Thompson. 2014. Conflict and Agency among Sex Workers and Pimps: A Closer Look at Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking - Anthony Marcus, Amber Horning, Ric Curtis, Jo Sanson, Efram Thompson, 2014 ( 653(1):225 - 246






Honors and Awards

2017-18 John Jay College Scholarly Excellence Award

Area of Expertise

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Human Trafficking
Labor & Union Issues
Racial & Social Justice
Urban Development & Gentrification

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Political Economy Anthropology, International Development, Prisoner Reentry