Denise Thompson

Denise Thompson

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524 W 59th Street


PhD   (2010) Pennsylvania State University (Public Administration; Specializations in Organization Theory and Management; Public Policy; Disaster Management)
MA  (1999) Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands (Development Studies; Specialization in Gender Studies)
Dip., (1997) Raoule Wallenberg Institute, University of Lund  (Development Studies, Equal Status and Human Rights of Women)
MBA  (1995) Nova Southeastern University


Denise D.P. Thompson is an Associate Professor and Director of the MPA IO Program. Her Ph.D. is from Penn State University, her MA is from Erasmus University, The Netherlands, and her MBA is from Nova Southeastern University. Her doctoral studies focused on Public Administration with sub-field focus in Public Policy, Public Administration and Organization Theory and Management. At John Jay she has taught or continues to teach the following classes - PAD 700, 705, 739, 715, 771, and PMT 711. Her research focus is on disaster risk reduction and management; organizational assessment looking at multi-organizational systems, and supply chain and logistics. Most of her work is in the international and comparative arena - mainly focused on developing countries and small island developing states. 

She also consults on policy and standards development in disaster risk reduction and  emergency management..

Prior to coming to John Jay College, Professor Thompson worked in the Caribbean region on sustainable development issue including:

Program Coordinator of the Canada-Caribbean Gender Equity Fund woking to mainstream gender considerations in government policies and programs

Program Officer for the Jamaican Social Investment Fund to promote sustainable comminuty development

Independent consultant examining ways to improve Jamaica's social safety net program

Election observer

JJC Affiliations

ASPA; NASPA; Caribbean Studies Association

Professional Memberships

American Society for Public Administration

             Section on Emergency and crisis Management: Chair of DEI Committee; Chair of Conference Communications Committee

             Section on Complexity and System/ Studies Network (SCNS)

NASPAA - The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration - Site Visitor

Caribbean Studies Association

Scholarly Work


Thompson, D.D.P. and Anderson, R. (2021, Apr.) (editors). Special Issue Editor: Preparing the Humanitarian Supply Chain for Epidemics and Pandemics Response. Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Vol. 11, No. 2. Access at

Refereed Book:

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2019, September). Disaster Risk Governance: Four Cases from Developing Countries, Routledge; ISBN: 978-1-138-22502-2 (hbk) or 978-1-315-40117-1(ebk)

Refereed Book Chapter

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2019, October). “Dominica: The World’s First Resilient Country?” in Housing Recovery After Disaster edited by Frances L. Edwards, Lexington Books

Refereed Journal articles:

Thompson, D.D.P. The Challenges to Disaster Resilience in Small Island Developing States, Disaster Prevention and Resilience (Mar, 2022 Forthcoming)

Thompson, D.D.P. and Anderson, R. (2021), "The COVID-19 response: considerations for future humanitarian supply chain and logistics management research", Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Vol. 11, No. 2.

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2016, May). Do catastrophes in poor countries lead to event-related policy change?: The 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Journal of Public Administration and Governance, 6(3): 29-43, 2015; Impact Factor 1.03

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2015). Disaster logistics in small island developing states: Caribbean perspective, Disaster Prevention and Management, 24(2): 166 – 184

Thompson, Denise, D.P. (2012). Leveraging Learning to Improve Disaster Management Outcomes, International Journal of Disaster Risk Science 3(4): 195-206

Thompson, Denise, D.P.  (2011, Fall). Using systems thinking to understand critical incidents. Journal of Critical Incident Analysis, 2(1): 2-21

Refereed Encyclopedic Articles

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2018). Hazardous Environmental Effects: Flint, Michigan. Encyclopedia of Security and Emergency Management, Springer Publishers Reference works; share and cite: doi:10.1007/978-3-319-69891-5_146-1

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2017, june/jul). Non-linear Policy Change.  Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5_3087-1

Other: Book

Thompson, Denise D.P (2010, Sep 15). A Framework for Making multistate disaster management systems perform: Insights from the Caribbean Emergency and Disaster Response Agency (now CDEMA) Germany: Lambert Academic Publishers ISBN: 978-3-8383-7687-5

Non-refereed and professional articles

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2015, September). The Tale of two Countries: social vulnerability in disaster risk exposure and impact and the mediating influence of governance on disaster outcome, Crisis Response Journal, 11(1): 66-68

Thompson, Denise D.P. (2014). Important components of logistics in disaster management: Reflections from the Red Cross. Crisis Response Journal, 9(3): 57-59

Opinions and Blogs

Thompson Denise D.P. (2021, April 30). Getting help to those who need it in a pandemic: addressing the challenges of humanitarian supply chain operations. Emerald Publishing. Accessed at

Honors and Awards

2017      Jeremy Collymore Award for Research in Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management. This award comes with $5,000 to help with my research on strengthening the disaster logistics supply chain in the Caribbean – December 2017. The award was announced in the region via the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency network in 18 participating countries (the award announcement is attached).

2017      Book Completion Award, City University of New York

2007-2008 Frederick Douglass Teaching Scholar, East Stroudsburg University (ESU)

1998      Dutch Government Fellowship.

1997      Swedish International Development Agency Fellowship


Recognized for significant contribution to students’ academic achievements:

  • Faculty that most contributed to their academic success at John Jay by students on the Dean’s List during academic years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 academic years.
  • In the 2009-10 Graduating Student Survey as one of the most important people at ESU by helping to make graduate student’s experience at ESU a successful one.
  • By the Athletic Department of East Stroudsburg University during its celebration of National Student-Athlete Day, April 22, 2008 as a professor who has played a major role in a student-athlete’s academic success at ESU. I was nominated by Christopher Bach.

Research Summary

Denise Thompson is a disaster risk reduction and Governance scholar and practitioner .  She specializes in research that focuses on small island developing states and has several publications and institutional development projects in these areas. She is also a motivated and engaging public management professor driven to excellence in teaching and in motivating students to achieve academic and personal success. She has mentored dozens of graduate students to advocacy and further studies in the public service. 


Area of Expertise

Most requested topics by media

Disaster & Emergency Response
Urban Development & Gentrification

Faculty Expertise: topics/keywords

Disaster Risk Reduction and Governance

Organization assessment and development (esp. Disaster Organizations)

Disaster Supply Chain and Logistics

Sustainable development

School Safety

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