Room number
NB 10.61

Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center at John Jay College (2019, Clinical Psychology)

M.Phil., CUNY Graduate Center (2017, Psychology)

M.A., John Jay College (2015, Forensic Psychology)

B.S., University of Central Florida (2013, Psychology)


Dr. Edwards is a psychologist and researcher of treatment and theory for persons with emotion processing and emotion regulation difficulties. She is especially interested in adapting treatments for individuals with severe personality disorders and for forensic contexts. She completed her predoctoral internship in the Intensive Outpatient DBT program at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Currently, Dr. Edwards works as a postdoctoral fellow with the VISN 2 MIRECC program at James J. Peters VA Medical Center. 

Scholarly Work

Edwards, E. (Under Review). Posttraumatic stress and alexithymia: A meta-analysis of trait presentation and correlation. Manuscript under review.

Edwards, E., Liu, Y., Ruiz, D., Brosowsky, N., & Wupperman, P. (Under Review). Emotional schemas and psychoemotional functioning: Introduction and evaluation of an integrated model across two independent samples. Manuscript under review. 

Edwards, E., Rinne, G., Kober, H., Griffin, S., Axelrod, S., & Cooney, E. (Under Review). Homework completion and phone coaching as predictors of treatment outcome in intensive outpatient DBT. Manuscript under review.

Tsai, J., Edwards, E., Cao, X., & Finlay, A. (Under Review). Disentangling military service and race as factors associated with any lifetime incarceration in the U.S. population. Manuscript under review.

Wupperman, P., Burns, N., Pugach, C., & Edwards, E. (In press). Treatment for individuals with severe mental illness and continued drug use while maintained on methadone. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, In press.

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