Margaret Wallace

Margaret Wallace

Margaret Wallace
Associate Professor
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1997  PhD       Graduate Center of the City University of New York
1993  MPhil      Graduate Center of the City University of New York
1973  BS          Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (Social Science)


Research interests include: 1) human identification; 2) identification of botanical and entomological material, 3) microbial forensics; 4) immuno-magnetic cell capture; 5) intra/inter species diversity plants
Specific Research: 1) DNA typing from low copy number samples (LCN); 2) identification of Acer rubrum (red maple) using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP); 3) species differentiation of blowflies and flesh flies using AFLP; 4) development of an immuno-magnetic procedure for the capture of human spermatozoa from sexual assault swabs; 4) pathogen detection using a unique liquid array technology; 5) high-resolution melting analysis (HRM) for tracking genetic diversity in plant populations.

Research Summary

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Medical Technician,italic',>',>83 to 1,italic',>',>,italic',>CDrug screening of urine samples using RIA.',>,italic',>,italic',>


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. Performed stereotaxic surgery, intraventricular cannulae insertion and production of,bolditalic',>,italic',>',>

Behavioral assessment of responses to nociceptive stimuli.,bolditalic',>,italic',>',>

Area of Expertise

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General areas of expertise include: Molecular Biology and Biology.

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