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Financial Support for Research

Financial Support for Research

Financial Support for Research

Are you seeking support for:

Travel to a Conference
Small Supplies and/or Equipment
Recognition of Previously Completed, On-going or Imminent Research Project
OUR Summer Reserch Internship

How to Apply

Academic research and creative projects take a very large time commitment. If you are a full-time student who also has to work to support yourself financially, it may be difficult to commit many hours a week to your research project. For that reason, the OUR has coordinated with the college scholarship committee to combine our resources and give as much support as possible to our student researchers. While you are applying for a research scholarship, you should take note of other scholarships that you are eligible for and apply for as many as you can.

Click here for a full list of scholarships and additional information. For some deadlines, you will submit your application to the college scholarship coordinator, Michael Scaduto. For other deadlines, you will submit your application to the OUR office. However, the application and review process is the same for both. Please read the instructions carefully.

To apply for a research scholarship, you will need to fill out a general scholarship application. Click here to download the application. You will also need to write a research proposal in the form of an essay describing your research project. It is important to start on this essay early, because your faculty mentor will need to approve and sign your proposal. A full description of what should be included in the essay can be found here. You will also need a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor, so be sure to plan ahead and let them know as early as possible. Lastly, if your research project involves human subjects and requires IRB approval, you must include the IRB submission with your application (funding would be contingent on IRB approval).