Information for MSRC Staff

Information for MSRC Staff

Dress Code for Non-Supervisory Staff

The MSRC permits casual dress for its non-supervisory staff for a reason: When you dress like the students you are serving, it helps them to feel comfortable and at home in the MSRC. The trick is to be casual in a way that still reflects positively on you and on the MSRC. Because you have direct student contact, you are the "face" of the MSRC to others, and the impression people form of you is the impression they form of the MSRC. With this in mind, you should lean more toward Business Casual and less toward Barbecue Casual. Also, if you wear it to the club or the gym, think carefully about whether you should also wear it here. Please use these guidelines to help you achieve the right look for this casual-dress workplace.

  1. You are not required to wear a uniform, name badge, or other articles that identify you as a member of the staff. That is why we have the photo board. 

  2. Your clothes should be clean, neat, and in good condition, and you should be well-groomed. 

  3. Your clothes should not have any words, pictures, or slogans on them that a reasonable person might find offensive. Even if your intentions are good, that type of clothing might make someone feel less comfortable, less welcome, or both. 

  4. To borrow a phrase from a colleague on another campus: "No Crack, In the Front or the Back." Pants need to be pulled all the way up, and tops should not be cut so low that they reveal more than a very modest amount of cleavage. Likewise, midsections should be covered. 

  5. More about tops: Dressier types of sleeveless tops and dresses are generally okay for ladies as long as they don't reveal too much. Tank tops are generally not okay for ladies and never okay for men. Spaghetti straps are never okay. 

  6. More about bottoms: If you think it might be too short to wear to work, it probably is. When in doubt, a skirt that falls at or below the knee is a better choice than a shorter one. Same goes for shorts in summer: Jeans or long pants are better than shorts. It's generally too cold in the center to wear shorts anyway. However, if you feel you must wear shorts, please choose ones that fall close to the knee. Short-shorts are not okay for the office. Neither are sweatpants. 

  7. Perfume/Cologne: Keep in mind that strong scents can cause allergic reactions in some people. Don't go overboard. 


Updated 10/25/2014