Key Dates

Key Dates

nplaza@jjay.cuny.eduPersonnel Action Items – Full-Time Faculty

Second Friday in September

FIDO/personnel files close for faculty being considered for reappointments, tenure, and/or promotion in a given fall semester.  No updates can be made after this date.

February 1

Deadline to request from the Provost a one-year extension for consideration of tenure/CCE, based upon the circumstances of the Spring 2020 semester and the COVID pandemic. This applies to faculty appointed to a tenure-track line or lecturers on the CCE track or members on the CLT series in 2019-2020 or earlier.

March 15th

Deadline to notify Provost of intention to apply for tenure and/or promotion in the current year (fall votes) in writing (email is acceptable).  Copy Director of Faculty Services (Dr. Kyeanna Bailey; and your department chair.

Approx April 15-22 (depending on spring break)

Chairs submit via email the names and contact information for 4-6 external evaluators who agreed to evaluate each faculty member applying for tenure and/or promotion. Send to Director of Faculty Services (Dr. Kyeanna Bailey;, copying the faculty candidate for tenure/promotion.

Faculty candidates for tenure and/or promotion submit evaluator packets to Director of Faculty Services (Dr. Kyeanna Bailey; Packets should include Table of Contents, updated CV, and representative examples of scholarship and/or professional practice for evaluators to review.

First 10 weeks of semester

Teaching Peer Observations should be completed during the first 10 weeks of a given semester (for untenured faculty).  Once signed, they are submitted to the Provost’s office for personnel files and Chairs upload to FIDO when it opens.

Dates variable

Chairs (or P&B designees) complete annual evaluation conferences with all faculty members (other than tenured Full Professors) and document with a memorandum of the conference (occurs 1/year).

Personnel Action Items – Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty

March 1st

Adjunct promotion materials due to Department Chair. For details on the adjunct promotion policy and process, go to:

(Promotions: Adjunct Assistant to Adjunct Associate; or Adjunct Associate to Adjunct Full Professor.)  Faculty should consult with Department Chair in advance.

March 1-30

Department P&B considers application materials and votes on adjunct promotion.

April 5th

Deadline for Department Chairs to submit Adjunct promotion materials to Director of Faculty Services, Dr. Kyeanna Bailey ( for Provost consideration, to include adjunct application materials, chair letter and P&B votes. For details, go to:

Sabbatical (Fellowship) Leaves

Leave Eligibility

Faculty are eligible for sabbatical (fellowship) leave after completing 6 years of continuous service from date of return/start (assuming no break in service).

Scenario 1:  You are on sabbatical Fall 2020 & Spring 2021; you return Fall 2021; you are eligible for another leave as early as Fall 2027 (application due Fall 2026).

Scenario 2:  You are on sabbatical Fall 2020; you return Spring 2021; you are eligible for another leave as early as Spring 2027 (application due Spring 2026).

Scenario 3:  You are on sabbatical Spring 2021; you return Fall 2021; you are eligible for another leave as early as Fall 2027 (application due Fall 2026).

Leave Duration Options

There are 3 options for leave duration – sample semester combinations below to illustrate.  (Salary rate does not impact date of next leave eligibility.)

(1) Full year at 80% salary: 

Consecutive options:  (a) Fall 2020 & Spring 2021; (b) Spring 2021 & Fall 2021

Split options:Fall 2020 & Fall 2021; (d) Spring 2021 & Spring 2022

(2) Half year (one semester) at 80% salary:  Spring 2021 only

(3) Half year (one semester) at 100% salary:  Spring 2021 only

October 1st

Sabbatical (Fellowship) Leave applications for the next Fall semester (or next Fall/Spring or Fall/Fall) due to department chair (“Fellowship (Sabbatical) Leave Application”, go to “Key Forms”:

March 1st

Sabbatical (Fellowship) Leave applications for the next Spring semester (or next Spring/Fall or Spring/Spring) due to department chair (For “Fellowship (Sabbatical) Leave Application”, go to “Key Forms”:

Third Monday in June

Faculty must accept or decline their fellowship/sabbatical leave in writing by this date in the June prior to their leave. (Faculty Services will send a leave award letter on which this written response would be submitted.)

Start of Semester
   (either Fall or Spring)
Upon return to the College following fellowship leave/sabbatical completion, a summary report of relevant activities during the leave must be submitted to the Provost and Department Chair.  This is a narrative (no form needed).
Faculty Workshops  (approx. dates)

Late Fall & Early Spring

Promotion from Associate to Full Professor

Early Spring

Tenure & Promotion Workshop

Late Spring

Form C Workshop

End Spring/Early Summer                                                     
Chairs Workshop
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