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Language +

The MLC offers one-on-one tutoring to students who want to improve their language skills if they are not satisfied with their first exam grade. Students who sign up will be provided with consistent weekly one-on-one tutoring with the same tutor until the end of the semester.

How do I sign up?
After receiving your first exam grade and you are not stisfied with how you performed, speak to your instructor about being referred to Language +. They will provide you with a referral form, which you will provide to the Modern Language Center. You can also email the MLC at directly. 

You will work with the supervisor in find the best appointment that fits your availability. That appointment will be scheduled for the remainder of the semester. You can supplement your Language + appointment with additional tutoringing service if you prefer.

Please note: There is limited space in the program due to our limited amount of tutors and schedule hours. Students will have between February 26th - March 19th to sign up for the Spring 2021.

Contact the Modern Language Center for more information.



Spring 2021