CRJ Degree Program Requirements

CRJ Degree Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program is designed for:

  • Students seeking a master’s degree as a credential to enter criminal justice professions
  • Professionals already working in the criminal justice system who want to broaden their expertise and perspectives
  • Criminal justice professionals looking to change their area of focus
  • Those who want to teach at the community college-level, or who wish to obtain a master’s degree before entering a doctoral program


Program Requirements

  • 30 - 36 Credits
    • Five core courses (15 credits)
    • Three electives in a single specialization (9 credits)
    • Additional credits:
      • Four additional electives (12 credits) ​OR
      • Two thesis courses and a completed thesis (6 credits)
  • CRJ Qualifying Exam (Part A: CRJ 710 and 711) and (Part B: CRJ 715 and 716)

Advanced Certificates

Students are encouraged to earn an Advanced Certificate in Crime Prevention and Analysis, Criminal Investigations, Race amd Criminal Justice or Terrorism Studies. The requirements for these advanced certificates can be fulfilled as part of the student’s 36 required credits for the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice.

For more information about requirements for the degree program or the advanced certificates, view the Graduate Bulletin.