Marketing and Development

Marketing and Development

Jayne RosengartenWelcome to the Office of Marketing & Development website.

The mission of this Office is to establish and sustain ties with the College’s wide-ranging constituencies, including alumni, legislators, corporations, foundations, community organizations, faculty, staff and students, upon whom the College relies for expertise, philanthropy and participation in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Our common goal is to connect John Jay’s faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends through strategies and programs designed to build long-term relationships and support for the College.

The Office is made up of the following departments:
  • The Development Department raises funds to advance the College’s mission. It creates enduring relationships with individuals, corporations and foundations to generate support for John Jay’s students, faculty and programs.
  • The Marketing & Communications Department increases awareness, understanding and support of the College’s vision, mission and accomplishments among its many constituencies. A major focus of this department is the formulation and implementation of strategic communications initiatives, plans and events that support a desired image and sets of perceptions of John Jay College. The Department employs strategies to cultivate increased recognition and support among public and opinion leaders for John Jay’s role as a catalyst in matters pertaining to justice.
  • The Alumni Relations Department manages the College’s relationships with its more than 38,000 graduates. The John Jay Alumni Association is a separately incorporated, not-for-profit organization. The Alumni Affairs Office in tandem with The Association sponsors a variety of programs and services to increase the College’s reach and influence by recruiting students, awarding scholarships, mentoring current students and fellow alumni, and organizing John Jay College-focused events in the community.
  • The Department of External Affairs coordinates with members of the John Jay community, the department builds and fosters relationships with external government and community stakeholders and constituent groups to advance the College's goals and objectives and raise awareness about the importance of investing in public higher education.

    Jayne Rosengarten
    Vice President, Marketing and Development