For Faculty

For Faculty

Language Faculty Support

At the Modern Language Center we support the Language faculty!

All faculty members can request:

  • Digital attendance reports on the class rosters
  • Proctoring repeat/make-up exams - can only be scheduled and suerpvised by the MLC supervisor for confidentiality purposes. (This cannot be done during the interim of Distance Learning at CUNY)
  • Targeted one-on-one tutoring for their student

The MLC ask for faculty support with the following:

  • Promotion of the MLC to increase awareness of our services, which in turn will increase visits at the center. Please view our Why Tutoring? page for more information on more visits = better grade outcomes.
  • Recommendations for tutor applicants - please read our Become a Tutor page on more information on tutor qualifications.
  • Resources and materials for language support in the center espcially for workshops


Thank you in advance for all of your help! Our collaboration helps students succeed!



Updated Fall 2020