Model NYC Council Project

Model NYC Council Project

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A Unique Public Service Project for College Now Students
In 2002, the City University of New York and City Council leaders developed the Model NYC Council Project as a way to expose high school students to the intricacies of legislative democracy and the realities associated with policymaking and representation in a diverse urban setting at the local level.

In this project, College Now students learn through a hands-on approach to how political and policy processes affect them and their communities while developing leadership, research, and public speaking skills. They work closely with faculty on a piece of the legislative agenda. Guided by the faculty, participating students play a central role in learning what is involved in policymaking, political representation, and how to support their community.  At the conclusion of the training sessions, College Now students come together in the City Council Chamber at City Hall to debate and vote on the legislative agenda they have been working on.

Eligibility: In order to participate in this project you must:
     ●  Be a NYC DOE high school junior or senior,
     ●  Be enrolled in or have completed at least one College Now course or activity; and
     ●  Be able to attend all the training sessions and the final event:
          o   Saturday training dates - TBA
          o   Final event in the Council Chambers, City Hall – TBA

A complete application packet will have the following:
     ●  Signed application
     ●  Typed essay
     ●  Official academic transcript