MPA IG Admissions

MPA IG Admissions

Applications for admission to the MPA IG degree program are processed by the Office of Graduate Admissions at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. However, all application materials, including the official transcripts, must be initially sent to the Program Administrator, Diana Neff.  The address for application materials is:

John Jay College
Army Education Center
683 Buckner Loop
West Point, NY, 10996 

Admission to the online program is competitive, and assessment is based on the student's academic and professional record of achievement. A threshold requirement is that a student must have attained a 3.0 grade point average or better in an undergraduate academic degree.

Application Deadlines:

  • Applications submitted by April 1 will be processed by the end of April.
  • Applications submitted by May 1 will be processed by the end of May.
  • Applications submitted by June 1 will be processed by the end of June.
  • If any space remains available in the program, applications submitted by July 1 will be processed by July 15.

Applicants may download an official application form here: John Jay College Graduate Program Application

The following items must be submitted with your application:

  • A non-refundable application fee of $125 (U.S.), check or money order, made payable to John Jay College.
  • Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate work. Transcripts should be sealed by the submitting academic institution and submitted with your application. However, colleges may prefer to issue an official transcript directly to John Jay College the institution. In that event, all transcripts must be mailed to John Jay College: Attention Diana Neff, Army Education Center, 683 Buckner Loop, West Point, NY, 10996.
  • Three academic references or letters of recommendation using our Reference Form. If you graduated more than two years ago, professional references are acceptable. References should be mailed to John Jay College: Attention Diana Neff, Army Education Center, 683 Buckner Loop, West Point, NY, 10996. (It is recommended that you provide a stamped addressed envelope to individuals completing a reference for you.)
  • An essay of approximately 250-300 words explaining your reasons for pursuing graduate study in the National Online MPA Inspector General Program, and describing your career objectives. 

Students already accepted to the John Jay College on-campus MPA Program may apply for transfer to the online program by submitting a 250-300 word essay to Diana Neff explaining why the program transfer is desired; there is no application fee involved. However, students will not be allowed to transfer more than four campus-based courses toward the online program. Transfer applications will be considered on the same basis as all other applications to the online program.  Admissions is competitive and the transfer is not guaranteed.

Following a favorable admissions decision, the student will be expected to take the following additional steps:

  • New York State residents will be expected to complete the Immunization Form that documents that the applicant has received the immunizations as explained on the form. Out-of-state students will not be required to complete this form unless they seek to register in a campus-based course.
  • If the student did not take a statistics course as an undergraduate, the student is required to do so before the second semester in the Program. Statistics may be completed at any college you choose but it is the student's responsibility to have the official transcript, showing successful completion of the course, officially sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions with a copy to Diana Neff at the West Point address. It is suggested that students complete this requirement at a local college during the summer before the first semester of matriculation. If the student has completed one or more undergraduate courses that cover the topics of a standard statistics course, but in a different academic discipline or course name, the student should contact the Program Administrator for advice about applying for transfer course substitution which would satisfy this requirement. 


Questions about the program, or about admission requirements and related matters, should be directed to Diana Neff, Program Administrator, at: