MPA/JD Law and Public Accountability

MPA/JD Law and Public Accountability

Program Coordinator: Professor Ned Benton

CUNY Law School and John Jay College of Criminal Justice are pleased to announce the MPA /JD Program in Law and Public Accountability.  This exciting new dual degree offers qualified students the chance to earn both a Master of Public Administration in Inspection and Oversight and a Juris Doctor of Law degree at an accelerated pace.

This exceptional new program brings together the greatest strengths of each institution, combining CUNY Law School’s nationally renowned expertise in public interest law with John Jay College’s incomparable MPA program in investigating waste, fraud, and abuse in public services. Students of the JD/MPA Program will graduate with a unique set of skills and the inspiration to rise to the highest ideals of citizenship. Graduates will achieve an unprecedented commitment to accountability, transparency, and equity of the law that will ensure their individual success and allow them to make lasting contributions to the pursuit of justice and equality in cases of police bias, government corruption, medical/healthcare fraud, technological misuse, media ethics, and other public service matters.

The JD/MPA Joint Degree Program will graduate lawyers uniquely qualified to be leaders in the field of inspection and oversight functions. As practitioners, policy makers, or legal scholars, JD/MPA graduates will be prepared to succeed in essential careers with federal, state, and local agencies as well as independent and private sector organizations.

Why should you consider this JD/MPA Program?
  • Only public-university program in the NYC area focusing on inspection and oversight in public services with unparalleled commitment to justice.


  • Flexible schedule: Earn the two degrees in four years full-time or five years part-time


  • Faculty who are leading experts in the field of public accountability and equity


  • A pioneering curriculum that prepares students to practice law through instruction in theory, skills, and ethics


  • Graduates uniquely trained for careers in the burgeoning field of inspection and oversight as practitioners, policy makers and legal scholars



The curriculum consists of 104 total credits for both the MPA and JD degrees, a 24-credit savings compared with the 128 credits required to earn the degrees separately.

Courses include:

  • Legal Research
  • Administrative Law
  • Evidence and Lawyering
  • Public Administration Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability
  • Assessments, Audits and Investigations in Human Resources
  • Public Sector Accounting and Auditing
  • Public Sector Inspection and Oversight



Students need to be admitted to both the CUNY Law School and to John Jay.

  • To apply to the MPA – Inspection and Oversight program at John Jay, click here 
  • To apply to the CUNY Law School, click here.