Music Minor

Music Minor


Description. The music minor offers students the opportunity to explore music through a comprehensive and multifaceted approach and encourages them to follow their various musical interests. Through the study of Western art music, comparative music studies such as Caribbean music, world music, and pop, rock, and jazz, the student can examine and contextualize the art form. The study of areas such as voice, piano, songwriting, composition, and music technology encourages the student to explore their inherent creative potential by directly engaging in the creation of music, while also developing a foundation in the basic skills of music making. The minor combines an initial core requirement, as well as distribution requirements.

Rationale. Music, one of the most universal and fundamental art forms, reflects virtually every aspect of personal and social experience. Through the development of its skills and the consideration of its history, we see how broader cultural patterns are reflected in music specifically, and in art forms generally. The core courses in the minor will ensure homogeneity among the students in their abilities and, in conjunction with the advanced courses, will allow them to express their creativity while developing an understanding of the place of music in the history of the world.

Credits. 18

Minor coordinator. Professor Benjamin Bierman, Department of Art and Music (646.557.4822,

Requirements. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student’s major, other minor or program.

Additional information. Students who enrolled for the first time at the College or selected this minor in September 2016 or thereafter must complete the minor in the form presented here. Students who enrolled prior to that date may choose the form shown here or the earlier version of the minor by visiting J Express Services. A copy of the earlier version can be obtained in the 2015–2016 Undergraduate Bulletin.

PART ONE. REQUIRED COURSES                                                     Subtotal: 6 credits

MUS 102 The Language of Music

Choose one
MUS 120 Piano
MUS 140 Introduction to Guitar

Students who possess prior knowledge or experience may consult with the minor coordinator for a possible exemption from these requirements. Students who receive exemptions must still complete 18 credits of MUS classes to earn this minor.

PART TWO. ELECTIVE COURSES                                                      Subtotal: 12 credits

Select four. At least one must be at the 200-level and at least one must be at the 300-level.

MUS 101 Introduction to Music
MUS 103 American Popular Music from Jazz to Rock
MUS 104 Music in World Culture
MUS 110 Popular Musics of the Caribbean
MUS 115 The Art of Singing: Vocal Technique
MUS 120 Piano
MUS 130 John Jay Chorus I
MUS 131 John Jay Chorus II
MUS 140 Introduction to Guitar
MUS 201 Musical Masterworks
MUS 202 Songwriting
MUS 203 American Musical Theatre
MUS 205 Beethoven, Verdi, Stravinsky
MUS 206/HIS 206 Orchestral Music and the World Wars
MUS 220 Choral Music in Performance
MUS 236 Music Technology 
MUS 280 Selected Topics in Music (when topic is appropriate)
MUS 289 Independent Study 200-level
MUS 310 Comparative History of African American Musics
MUS 336 Composition through Technology 
MUS 385 Faculty Mentored Research Experience in Music
MUS 389 Independent Study 300-level
MUS 489 Independent Study 400-level

                                                                                                                             Total Credit Hours: 18

                                                                                                                                   Last Updated: 8/16/16