News, Announcements & Deadlines

News, Announcements & Deadlines

Winter 2020 Tutoring Sessions Have Begun! Please visit the For Students page for course listings.

Interested in becoming an MSRC Tutor? Applications are being accpeted for the Spring 2020 semester. Click here to find out about the requirements of becoming a tutor, and what materials need to be submitted.

Receptionist Positions at the MSRC Are you eligible to receive Work Study through your Financial Aid? Then you can apply to be a Receptionist at the Math & Science Resource Center!  Front Desk Staff are hired for the fall and spring semesters. In order to be eligible for an interview, you must submit your resume to Neil Caesar (

ACE Program

Students enrolled in the ACE program must complete certain requirements to maintain their ACE eligibility. To help fulfil one of those requirements, the MSRC provides support to ACE students currently registered in a mathematics course.

What is required?  During the Spring 2019 semester, ACE students completing MAT105, MAT108, MAT141, or MAT241 are required to attend tutorial sessions held within the MSRC. Each month, students must attend three sessions. Each session must occur in a different week.  Students can attend more than three sessions in a month, but only three that occur in different weeks will count toward their ACE Requirement.

How will ACE know I have been to the MSRC? Monthly reports are sent to your Ace Advisor to show the requirement has been fulfilled.  Students can also request a printout of their visit record at the end of the month, but it is not obligatory.

Find out how to make appointments here:











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