Outstanding Scholarly Mentoring Award

Outstanding Scholarly Mentoring Award

The Outstanding Scholarly Mentoring Award

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) presents this award to recognize a faculty member who has provided exceptional student mentoring by engaging undergraduates in scholarly research or creative work.  The $1,500 research support award may be used to develop the research or creative work of the recipient in ways that support the involvement of undergraduates in rigorous research endeavors.  The prize may be awarded to no more than two faculty members per year.  
Call for Nominating Letters will be in late-January 2016.
For inquries, please contact OUR@jjay.cuny.edu.

Previous Winners:

Professor Crystal Jackson (Sociology, 2015)

Professor Jason Rauceo (Science, 2014)

Professor Elizabeth Jeglic (Psychology, 2013)

Professor Richard Perez (English, 2012) 

Professor Jill Grose-Fifer (Psychology, 2012)