Government regulations require that all funds administered by RFCUNY adhere to a uniform set of guidelines for travel, regardless of the sponsor funding any particular award. Sponsors and/or an award agreement may have further restrictions.

Travel Expenditures

Allowable travel expenditures include: transportation costs, lodging costs, sustenance cost (meals), conference registration fees, and visa fees. Personal expenses incurred during travel such as laundry service, valet parking, entertainment, and transportation to and from meals are not reimbursable costs. The cost of alcoholic beverages is not reimbursable. Failure to comply with RFCUNY’s travel policy will result in denial of reimbursement for out-of-policy expenditures.  

Train Travel
All travel must be booked using the lowest available fares in economy class only, with the exception of Amtrak Business Class between stations in the Boston/Washington, DC corridor. However, Amtrak Business Class tickets are not allowable on U.S. Department of Justice Awards. Approval for any other exceptions to economy class travel to accommodate a medical condition, special circumstances, etc. must be requested in advance and may require specific documentation 

Air Travel 
All flights must be arranged using the lowest available fare in economy class on U.S. Flag air carriers, per the Fly America Act, or on an authorized European Union carrier per the U.S. - EU Open Skies Agreement. For more on the EU https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/countries_en

Written justification must be provided whenever a foreign air carrier, other than a European Union, Swiss, Australian or Japanese carrier, must be used. Lower cost is not an acceptable justification for use of a foreign carrier instead of a U.S., European Union, Swiss, Australian or Japanese carrier

Privately-owned vehicle
Authorized use of a privately-owned vehicle is reimbursed at the rates set forth by the United States General Services Administration (GSA). Visit the GSA’s website to review the rates. Direct purchase of gasoline for use of personally-owned automobiles is not reimbursable.  

  • Googlemaps document listing travel to/from route and mileage must also be submitted 


Taxi/Uber/Local Bus/Subway

  • THE RF-CUNY reimburses travel to and from airports, home and conference locations
  • Copies of PAPER passes and proof of payment are required for reimbursement
  • Travel to restaurants is NOT covered unless for a business meeting and required support documentation must be provided.


Car Rental 

Car rental is only allowed when other transportation is unavailable or impractical, or when use of a rental car can be economically justified. Standard models should be rented and justification for the use of a rental car must be noted on the Travel Expense Voucher or in an accompanying statement. Direct purchase of gasoline for use with rented vehicles is reimbursable. Mileage reimbursement cannot be claimed in conjunction with car rental.