Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures


To reserve basic VIDEO PRODUCTION services (video recording, live streaming) the requester must reserve these services through the VMES reservation system, accessible through INSIDE JOHN JAY. VIDEO RPODUCTION is part of the array of services that can be requested through the VMES system.

The steps for accessing the VMES system are:
  • Log on to INSIDE JOHN JAY
  • Once logged on, click on RESOURCE CENTER
  • A separate email confirmation will be sent to you from Video Production confirming that your request has been placed on the Video Production schedule. The subject line will state: CONFIRMATION OF A VIDEO PRODUCTION WORK ORDER

A work Order must be completed for all Video Production requests. E-Mail and phone message will not be accepted.

All Video Production requests require a two-week notice.

Video projects (all promotional, all day conferences and events and non-archival video production requests) beyond a straight lecture capture request will require a pre-event production-planning meeting.

For video format copies, video/audio file conversations and other video production requests that do not appear in the VMES under Video Production, please call x8652 to schedule.

If, after scheduling your Video Production work order, there are changes or corrections, or if your event is cancelled, please contact Video Production immediately at x8652.



  • A RELEASE FORM must be completed and approved for every person that is to be video recorded for your event. This release form grants permission from the subject to be video recorded. Release forms must be completed and provided to Video Production and it is the requester's responsibility to make sure the subject approves of being video recorded. 
  • For audiences at events that are to be video recorded, an announcement must be made either verbally or through postings at the event that the event will be video recorded and that audience attendance implies permission to be video recorded. 
  • Video shoots (one, two and three camera) must be coordinated in advance with Video Production Services for both studio and location shoots. 
  • If PowerPoints are to be used in presentations that are to be video recorded by Video Production Services, the files of the lecture/presentation must be provided to Video Production Services for editing purposes.
  • Generally, edited video masters of an event take three-four weeks to complete. 
  • For video transfer and copies, Video Production Services can only copy and transfer NON-COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS. If the material is copyrighted, Video Production Services will not be able to copy or transfer the material unless we received written permission from the copyright holder of the source material. 
  • If camcorders are checked our for use by requester, requester must provide their own Sandisk (Class 8 or above, 16GB) for recording.