Print Shop

Print Shop

The Print Shop provides high-quality print and copy products. This busy shop provides copy/printing, binding services for faculty, staff and student clubs. The Print Shop works to present the most professional print products possible in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Printing Services Online. The Print Ordering System allows the JJC staff and members to send job requests to the Print Shop via their computer.  If you have a print job such as flyers, banners, brochures, or any other professional print request, place your order through the online print services.

The Print Shop is powered by WebCRD—a browser-based print ordering and production application that enables you to place and manage your print orders quickly and efficiently.

It is Fast and Easy!

  1. Log In using your JJAY USER ID and Password
  2. Upload Files or Pick Files from Catalog
  3. Choose Print Options
  4. Place Your Order

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WEBCRD Approver(s) Access  
In order to approve an order submitted to the Print Shop through the online print services software, an approver must be assigned for your department. The Approver(s) form needs to be completed and signed by the department chair before it is submitted to the office of Campus Office Services and Records Management.


Click here to start using our Web Print Services

Printing Services 
Digital Printing Offset Printing Wide Format Printing
·        Digital black and white  ·         One to four-color (CMYK)   ·         Color Posters
          or color printing ·         One to four PMS color inks. ·         Banners and Banners Stands 
Bindery & Finishing Services 
·         Booklet Binding ·         Saddle stitch ·         Folding
·         Plastic Coil binding ·         Staple ·         Collating
·         Tape Binding ·         3-Holepunch ·         Cutting
·         Perfect Binding ·         Padding ·         Trimming
·         Perforating ·         Scoring  
The Print Shop offers a variety of printed products including:
·         Banner Stand ·         Exams ·         Posters
·         Books ·         Flyers (1/2 pg., 1/4 pg.) ·         Programs
·         Booklets ·         Handouts ·         Quiz
·         Bookmarks ·         Invitations ·         Reply cards
·         Brochures ·         Letterheads ·         Reports
·         Business cards ·         Letters ·         Routing slips
·         Class materials ·         Manuals ·         Signs
·         Certificates ·         Newsletters ·         Syllabus
·         Copies (B&W / color) ·         Note pads ·         Tickets
·         Covers ·         NCR forms (2, 3, or 4 parts) ·         and more!
·         Envelopes ·         Postcards
Turnaround time

Factors such as format, quantity, and sophistication of the publication all influence production time. Some pieces can be completed in a short turnaround time, while larger projects may take longer.  Please contact the Print Shop for an approximate turnaround time before submitting your job to better schedule your project.

Delivery and Pickup

Completed work may be picked up in person or sent via interoffice mail, if requested, on the due date listed on the “Shipping Method.” Small jobs will be delivered by mailroom personnel. 

Email or to request pick-up and delivery of all jobs, three (3) boxes or more. Let the print shop know if you will make an in-person pickup..

Copyright Information Policy 

  • We WILL NOT violate copyright restrictions. If you have copyrighted material that exceeds academic guidelines, please provide reprint permission with your order. If you are unfamiliar with copyright guidelines, please refer to the link above.
  • Material from newspapers or magazines must have the name of the publication and the date it was published written on the original that will be copied.
  • We can't reproduce multiple copies of cartoons without authorization from the syndicate that owns the copyright.
  • Material taken from a book (even an instructor's manual) must have the name of the publisher and the date it was copyrighted, noted on the original that will be copied.
  • Materials originating from the internet must list the Internet address or website on the original that will be copied.
  • All copyrighted material can only be used once. Orders cannot be repeated for more than one term. Orders without the required information will be held and you will be notified; we will complete the request once you supply us with the appropriate requirements.



Policies & Procedures 

John Jay College Policies and Procedures Compendium (Inside John Jay)