Professional Studies

Professional Studies

Due to COVID-19, we will convert our training where possible to an online environment.  Any training requiring hands-on experiential learning will be in compliance with the New York State Department of Health safety protocols. 

Meet the Team, Continuing & Professional Studies
Meet the Team at Continuing & Professional Studies


At Continuing & Professional Studies, we exist to provide educational and professional training to people in law enforcement, fire safety, emergency services, and security to serve the public at their highest level. We deliver the best applied-learning and practical skills training to individuals and organizations that safeguard the public in accordance with the overall mission of John Jay College to educate fierce advocates for justice.


We are a trusted learning institution that serves a community of dedicated public safety professionals. We strive to bring this community the best hands-on educational content and training experiences that reflect the current challenges in the different sectors, so they can always come away with the confidence to know why, when and how they can apply the skills in their job functions.


To be in service to the greater public, we have the following core values that guide our actions and culture at Continuing & Professional Studies.

  • Empathy 
    We strive to care for our team and our community by weaving empathy and service into our actions and intentions. We have deep compassion and respect for the selfless individuals who show up every day to keep the public safe.

  • Diversity
    We are a reflection of the people we serve. Many backgrounds and experiences make up our team, and we enrich our work with diverse perspectives to help us make better decisions and learn from each other.
  • Adult Learning Principles
    We are big believers in experiential learning and place a high value on your cumulative life experience as an active part of your thought process and learning outcomes.
  • Community-Focused Outcomes
    It’s all about you! We are committed to your success so you can continue to grow and be the exemplar in your occupation.

We strongly believe in helping those who help us. Our work will never be done because of the important roles that you fulfill as an essential workforce in maintaining public safety. We appreciate all that you do and will be here for you for the long haul.