Reports & Publications

Reports & Publications


Towards Resilience: TLC Faculty Emails during the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 11, TLC Director Gina Rae Foster began writing a series of emails for faculty to support the transition to remote teaching and learning. These emails now cover five areas:

  1. the initial redesign and movement of courses to the remote learningscape during March 12-March 18
  2. the re-entry and support of resilience in the new teaching and learning environment
  3. the recalibration period from March 27-April 1 
  4. the racial justice endeavors during Summer 2020
  5. the fully online remote Fall 2020 with the continuation of the pandemic, racial justice, and the presidential election concerns
  6. the fully online remote Spring 2021 with the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine and change in U.S. government leadership and policies


The emails draw on Dr. Foster's training and experience in family and community trauma and resiliency as well her teaching and pedagogical work over the past three decades and more. The emails are collected here in PDF form for convenient access.


Please click on the four categories below to view the emails:


March 11-29, 2020 Stability and Community Series

March 19-May 4, 2020 NEAR and FAR: Returning to the Remote LearningScape Series

Summer 2020 Racial Justice Series

Fall 2020 Sustainable, Meaningful, Honorable, Joyful Series


Conferences, Contributions, and Sites

Throughout the year, the TLC produces a series of local publications that include conference programs, contibutors' booklets, websites and microsites, and informational posters and flyers. A selection of these are included below:

Faculty Development Day programs, with links to presenter resources and photos, can be found on the Faculty Development Day website.

Click here to view our 2017 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Contributions booklet

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Teaching Resources

Learning in Difficult Times

John Jay Open Educational Resources (OER)

HSI at John Jay

Faculty Development Day (new link coming soon)


Teaching and Learning Center Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

Click here to view our 5 year Strategic Plan

Download Past Reports (PDF):

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