Research Intensive (RI) Course Proposal Competition

Research Intensive (RI) Course Proposal Competition

Research Intensive (RI) Course Competition

Students who have the opportunity to complete a research project with a faculty member describe their experiences as transformative. In fact, researchers have found that an undergraduate research experience results in increases in student motivation, commitment, intellectual development, academic performance, pursuit of advanced and graduate study, and ultimate career success.

To help stimulate student-faculty research in the classroom, the Office of Undergraduate Research (O.U.R) is once again running a competition for faculty to develop a research-intensive (RI) section of an existing course.

Given the success of last year’s competition, we are excited about expanding our RI offerings.

Description: Research Intensive (RI) sections are courses where over half of the required assignments are devoted to students developing research skills and/or conducting as well as presenting original research and findings. These courses will generally be upper-level and aim for students to create an original scholarly or creative project and communicate knowledge from that project. In addition students must:

  • • articulate and refine a scholarly question
  • • gather evidence appropriate to the question
  • • apply scholarly conventions during scholarly inquiry and in reporting research
  • • assess the validity of key assumptions and evidence
  • • situate the scholarly inquiry within a broader context

Reward: One course release. Two awards will be granted.

Requirements: A one page proposal detailing how you plan to amend an already existing course to make it more research-focused. We are looking for proposals that transform the typical classroom learning experience into a more hands-on experience that is appropriate for your discipline. We'd like to see students across the college: a) learning about the current research in your discipline; b) actively engaging in research discussions; c) developing the skills and techniques required in your discipline and d) ultimately undertaking their own research projects. Clearly we don't expect students at every level to be ready to conduct their own research. Thus, we expect your proposal to be tailored to the appropriate level for the course.

Due Date: These proposals will be due to the O.U.R by November 21st via email ( The winners will be announced by December 12th.

Fine Print: The revised course must be taught, by the award winner, in either the Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 semester. The course release must be taken in the 2015-2016 calendar year. The revised course will be labeled a "Research Intensive (RI)" course in the Undergraduate Bulletin, where enrollment will be capped at 25 students. Of course, to close the loop, we'll want some assessment of the course and the findings to be disseminated to faculty interested in integrating research into their own courses. This assessment will be due to O.U.R. and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the beginning of the semester after the course is taught.

Contact: if you have any questions.