For Students

For Students

Our recent alumni are pursuing successful careers. We've asked a few of them to share their experiences.

John Carrado

John Corrado “As a History major at John Jay, I was able to explore the past in a vibrant classroom setting. My major allowed me to sharpen my research, writing, and public speaking skills while exploring past events. I had the opportunity to engage in exciting research projects and publicly present my findings. After graduating from John Jay, I used the skills acquired from obtaining a History Degree to pursue a law degree at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Since graduating from Benjamin N. Cardozo, I have taken a position at Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP where I practice corporate and securities law.”

Joselyn Guazhima

Joselyn Guazhima “As a history major at John Jay, I was able to delve into my passion for history, engage in meaningful debates, learn from inspiring professors, and develop a variety of significant transferable skills, e.g. public speaking and critical thinking. I am currently finishing my first year as a graduate student at Columbia’s School of Social Work. My background in history provided me with an understanding of how themes like power, race, oppression, and privilege are profoundly embedded in our past and present as well as how they impact my clients in my field placement. I plan to pursue a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in hopes of opening my own private practice for children, adolescents, and families of our black/brown communities.” 

Victor Nilo

Victor Nilo “My experience at John Jay College as a history major was transformational. Choosing the history major was a decision I made after feeling dissatisfied with the level of writing (i.e. creating well-constructed arguments) and reading other majors offered. I knew that if properly taught to write, think, communicate, and speak as a historian, I would have the skills I needed to succeed in any professional setting. Since graduating in 2016, I’ve worked abroad as an International Relations manager for an NGO in Santiago, Chile and more recently as an Account Manager for a large office supplier in their Manhattan branch. Currently, I’m loving the experience I am getting from working in business, specifically using the critical thinking skills I learned as a history major to create custom solutions for clients.”

Nancy Ocampo

Nancy Ocampo “During my time at John Jay College, I was a Global History major and a Latin American Studies minor. I took various Global History courses ranging from 1650 to the present. These courses helped expand my knowledge of global history subjects, including European History and US History. As a History major I really benefitted from the help I received from the professors and advisors in the History department. After graduating from John Jay, I went on to Hunter College to pursue a graduate degree in Adolescent Social Studies Education where I am continuing to take history classes as well as education courses while observing various history classes in different high schools. With my degree from John Jay College and the degree I am to receive from Hunter College I hope to become a history teacher.”

A degree in Global History is good preparation for a wide range of careers. It emphasizes critical writing and thinking skills that are in high demand in every profession. It is a particularly good foundation for careers in education, public service, journalism, and the law, but history majors can be found in most fields that require effective communication, evidence-based analysis, and a nuanced understanding of the wider world and its complexities. Our major is very versatile and gives you many different career options.

For example, we can help you prepare for the following career pathways:

If you love history, you should consider teaching it. Global and US history are part of the curriculum in all New York City high schools, and you will get to study history at the graduate level as part of your training.  A number of our majors are now teaching in the public schools, and the alumni of CUNY’s graduate programs in education have great job placement records.

Public Service
Consider serving your community by working in local government or a city agency, putting your research and writing skills to use. We can help you get the internship that will start you on this path. 

The American Bar Assocation says that a History major is “traditional preparation for law school.” In fact, three of our current Supreme Court Justices majored in history. Why? Because history gives you the theoretical tools, research and writing skills, and “broad understanding of history” that the ABA says you need to succeed in the legal profession.  Many of our past majors are now in law school. Did you know that that almost half of the Supreme Court of the United States were History majors?

The History Department has prepared a manual for students with course information and answers to many of your common questions. Download it here.

For additional information, the American Historical Association has published an excellent career guide for students