Tuition & Fees Information

Tuition & Fees Information

Billable Events - Enrollment

Student Fees

Dropped Courses

Billable Events - Other Fees

Late Registration/Change of Program
Late Payment

Returned Checks
Miscellaneous Fees

I. Billable Events - Enrollment

Upon registration, students are billed for courses at a rate determined by their degree (graduate, undergraduate or non-degree), program of study and status (full-time or part-time).

Student Fees
College specific fees (student activity/infrastructure, technology, consolidated & senate) are billed at rate determined by status (full-time or part-time) and program of study.

Student Dropped Courses
Courses dropped after the first official day of the semester (first 3-weeks) will be charged a tuition liability and are only eligible for a partial refund. Student fees will be charged in entirety.

Fall 2018



Last Day to Drop for 100% refund



Last Day to Drop for 75% refund



Last Day to Drop for 50% refund



Last Day to Drop for 25% refund



Student 100% liable for any course(s) dropped

Full-Time Undergraduate/Graduate Residing in NYS
An undergraduate/graduate student who resides in New York and is registered for 12-credits or more is typically charged a flat rate of tuition. Should the student drop courses and continue to remain full-time, no penalty is assessed (i.e. original enrollment 15-credits, dropped down to 12-credits. Student is still full-time, no penalty applied). However, should the student drop courses and enter a part-time status, a penalty is assessed based on the time of the drop per the academic calendar. (i.e. original enrollment 15-credits, dropped down to 9-credits. Student is now part-time, penalty is applied).

Withdraw Period
Refunds are not issued for official withdrawals (W grades), unofficial withdrawals (WU, WN grades), no-credits (NC grades) and failing grades (F).

Disputing a Tuition Liability
Students who wish to dispute their tuition liability on the basis of a medical need, crisis or other extenuating circumstance may do so by obtaining a “Request for Removal of Fees” from Jay Express. The form should be completed in its entirety and submitted to a Jay Express representative. The Registrar’s Office will then deliberate and notify the student on whether a course/term waiver will be granted.


II. Billable Events - Other Fees

Late Registration ($25) / Change of Program ($18)
Registration after the first official day of classes will incur a $25.00 Late Registration Fee. Any changes made to a student's existing program after the first official day of classes will incur a Change of Program Fee, $18.00 per each change.

Late Payment ($15)
Students whose payments are not received by the due date indicated in CUNYfirst will be charged a $15.00 Late Payment Fee.

Returned Check ($20)
Checks returned unpaid to the College by a financial institution, regardless of the amount or reason for the return, will automatically incur a $20.00 reprocessing fee (per occurrence) in addition to the original obligation. John Jay College will attempt to notify the student or former student who submitted the returned check to provide information on making payment. The Bursar’s Office will no longer accept checks in payment of tuition or fees, even if the student or former student wishes to use someone else’s check.

!! Non-Payment Fee ($15.00) is charged when the student fails to make a time sensitive payment, such as the $20.00 Returned Check fee !!

Miscellaneous Fees

Duplicate Diploma ($30.00)
Duplicate Record ($5.00-includes prior term bursar bill)
Material Fees (vary)
Makeup Exam ($25.00 for Exam 1, $5.00 each exam after)
Qualifying Exam ($15.00)
Readmission ($20.00)
Transcript ($7.00, no charge for CUNY to CUNY official transcripts)