Tutor Trac - Scheduling Tutoring Appointments

Tutor Trac - Scheduling Tutoring Appointments

Welcome to Tutor Trac!!!!!!

You can schedule all of your tutoring appointment needs here. The system is easy to use after you log in with your JJAY email credentials.

Follow the log-in and scheduling instructions below.

Students can also schedule their own appointments from a computer or any smart device by going to Tutor Trac.

How to log into Tutor Trac and schedule an appointment?

  1. Use your JJAY email credentials to log into Trac (only enter your firstname.lastname)
    • If you experience any issues signing into Trac, below are troubleshooting steps:
      • Username: firstname.lastname (must include any number in your email)
        • DO NOT enter the domain - @jjay.cuny.edu
        • Your JJAY email username is not the same as your CUNYfirst username
          • ​only use your JJAY email username.
      • Password: most current JJAY student email password
      • CUNYfirst preferred email: make sure you have your student JJAY email selected as your preferred in your CUNYfirst account
      • Delete cookies and cache files from browser
  2. Search for availability
  3. Select your subject and Tutoring as the reason
  4. Don't forget to click save!!!!


1. JJAY email credentials (only enter your firstname.lastname)

2. Select Search Availabilites on the left





3. Choose a center, course section, and Tutoring as the reason. Click Search!

4. Select your preferred appointment by clicking on the time in the yellow block.

5. Don't forget to click SAVE!


Please feel free to contact the MLC languagecenter@jjay.cuny.edu if you have any questions about scheduling appointments.



Thanks You,


Updated Spring 2021