Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


John Jay’s mission is unique, and forms a trust between the college and the community we serve. All that we do at the college should flow from our mission.  To ensure we keep our mission at the center of what we do, we must refresh our attention to those high ideals by having clear plans for how best to deliver on their promise.

As we come to a close of our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, we will spend the 2019-20 academic year in community dialogue, debating and selecting the priorities that should guide our actions from 2020-2025. As ever, a clear focus on how best to align our resources with our priorities will help us deliver on our mission, which calls on us to explore justice in its many dimensions, equip students for advanced study and meaningful careers, prepare students for ethical leadership, global citizenship and engaged service, and advance the knowledge that informs professional practices and builds and sustains just societies. Further, our mission guides us to nurture and support an inclusive and diverse community and in doing so actualize our commitment to educating traditionally underrepresented groups and increasing diversity in the workforce.

But how best to do so?  That will be our talk and our work over the four phases of the strategic planning process this year.

In Phase 1 (September-October 2019) we will charge ten groups with researching the environment of higher education, the best practices in higher education, and John Jay’s position within these trends.

In Phase 2 (November-December 2019) all members of the college community will read the proposed priorities and provide feedback on which priorities they think it best for the college to select. The SPS will use this feedback to recommend priorities to the President, who will approve a final list.

In Phase 3 (January-February 2020) the President and Vice Presidents and teams will be responsible for creating strategies, targets and outcomes for the chosen priorities.

In Phase 4 (March-May 2020) a drafted strategic plan will be shared with the college community, will be revised according to feedback delivered by mid-April, and will be submitted to the College Council for adoption in May 2020.



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Please visit the Strategic Planning website on Inside John Jay for a complete description of the planning process, those involved at each stage, the Briefing Book, and to provide your feedback at any stage.