Anila Duro

Anila Duro

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Graduate Center (PhD Program in Social Welfare)

MA John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Criminal Justice)

BA John Jay College of Criminal Justice (International Criminal Justice)


Anila S. Duro is currently pursuing her doctorate in Social Welfare at the CUNY Graduate Center/Silberman School of Social Work.  She has a strong interest and background in the eradication and prevention of human trafficking. Her current work addresses law enforcement structural barriers in investigating human trafficking.  She plans to focus her dissertation on sex trafficking victims experiences with law enforcement and in particular police education and training.  Her recent conference presentations include Understanding the modus operandi of human trafficking:  An international & domestic perspective (2012) at Columbia University, NY, NY and Women trafficking today:  A framework of policing women trafficking and providing effective immigration policies (2012) at the ACS, NY, NY.  In addition, her research and teaching experience focuses on intimate partner violence and corrections.   Prof. Duro has taught courses on Institutional Treatment of the Offender and Research Methods in Criminal Justice.  Her other interests include the role of higher education faculty mentors on runaway or thrownaway youths.  She has held various professional position at John Jay College where she has worked closely with graduate, undergraduate and police programs and students.  Currently, she is the Administrative Director for the Department of Psychology where she provides administrative and academic support to students and faculty. 


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