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International Student


NYPD, DOC, In-Service & FDNY


Preferred Deadlines

Fall applicants: February 1

Spring applicants: September 15

The Macaulay Honors College: November 16

International students may apply after these deadlines. Please contact

Note: Applications will not be reviewed until the application, application fee (or waiver) and supporting documents are submitted. Applications received after the general admission deadline will be reviewed based on space availability.

Appealing your Admission Decision

Students denied admission can submit an appeal to the Admission Appeals Committee for reconsideration of the original admission decision.

Students must present new and compelling evidence as to why they are a good candidate for John Jay and not simply repeat information that was presented in the application. Students are advised to accept a seat at a college that has already offered them admission while their appeal is under review.

All appeal decisions are final.

To submit an appeal click here.