The Out List

Faculty & Staff that Identify with the LGBTQ+ Community

The Out List identifies faculty and staff that identify with the LGBTQ+ community at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This list is a community-building resource for students to identify and connect with faculty and staff that identify with the LGBTQ+ community. We will create an Ally’s list but it is important for students to know folks that identify like them at this time.

By adding yourself to The Out List, you provide a supportive environment where students can feel seen, heard, and understood. Your presence on this list can make a significant impact on our LGBTQ+ community, fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging.


Why Join?


Empower and Inspire: Your visibility as an LGBTQ+ identifying faculty/staff member can inspire and empower students, demonstrating that they can succeed and thrive in an inclusive environment.


Supportive Connections: By joining The Out List, you open doors for students to connect with role models, mentors, and allies who can provide guidance and support.


Create an Inclusive Campus: Your participation contributes to making John Jay College a more inclusive and welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Disclaimer: This list is publicly available. If you are not interested or not comfortable participating we understand.

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Disclaimer: This list is publicly available. If you are not interested or not comfortable participating we understand.

Cat Alves (She/Her/Hers), Director
Orientation: Gay 

Dr. Tarun Banerjee  (He/him/his), Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Orientation: Gay/Queer 

Kayla Maryles Bassknight (she/her/hers), Associate Director
Center for Student Involvement and Leadership
Orientation: Gay/Queer 

Dr. Charles R. Davidson (He/Him/His), Director
Interim Assistant Dean, Student Professional Advancement
Orientation: Gay 

Delmar Dualeh (He/Him/His), Academic Counselor & Adjunct Faculty
SEEK Department
Orientation: Gay 

Leah Entenmann (They/Them), Adjunct Lecturer
Orientation: Queer 

Alessandra Early (She/Her/Hers), Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice
Orientation: Queer/Pansexual 

Dr. Nina Rose Fischer (She/Her/Hers), Assistant Professor
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies  

Kevin Fish (He/Him/His), Director of Advancement Services
Institutional Advancement  
Orientation: Gay 

Robin Freeman (They/Them), Professor
Department of Anthropology  
Orientation: Queer 

Tomoki Fukui (They/Them), Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Anthropology  
Orientation: Queer

Dr. Maria Grewe (She/Her/Hers), Adjunct Assistant Professor
English Department 
Orientation: Queer

Amorita Jones, (She/Her/Hers), Academic & Career Advisor
Orientation: Bisexual/Queer 

Emily Kastner, LMSW  (She/Her/Hers), Counselor
Wellness Center
Orientation: Bisexual 

Alexander Legg  (He/Him/His), Adjunct Instructor 
Clinical Psychology
Orientation: Gay

Dominique Mendez-Rose (She/Her/Hers), Administrative Events Specialist
Theater & Events Support Services
Orientation: Queer 

Sarah Meister (She/They), Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies / ISP
Orientation: Bi/Queer

Dr. Alexandra Moffett-Bateau  (She/They), Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Orientation: Queer 

Javier Moreno-Rivero (He/Him/His), Assistant Professor
Modern Languages and Literatures
Orientation: Gay

Dr. Kevin Nadal (He/Them/Siya), Distinguished Professor
Psychology Department 
Orientation: Queer/Gay/Bakla 

Rick Naughton (He/Him/His), Adjunct Assistant Professor
Political Science
Orientation: Gay

Dr. Danielle M. Officer (She/Her/Hers), Interim Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
Student Affairs
Orientation: Bisexual

Daniel Pinello (He/Him/His), Professor
Political Science
Orientation: Gay 

Dr. Robert P. Robinson (He/Him/His), Assistant Professor & Academic Counselor
Percy Ellis SEEK Department
Orientation: Gay/Queer 

Shari Simon (She/They), Adjunct Assistant Professor & Academic Counselor
Percy Ellis SEEK Department & Department of Africana Studies
Orientation: Bisexual/Queer 

Hila Shapira (She/Her/Hers), Adjunct Professor
Gender Studies
Orientation: Queer/ Pansexual

Henry Smart (He/Him/His), Assistant Professor
Public Management
Orientation: Gay

John Staines (He/Him/His), Associate Professor of English
English Department
Orientation: Gay, homosexual, Queer

Kenneth Yanes (He/Him/His), Deputy Director
Office of International Studies & Programs
Orientation: Gay/Queer

Michael Yarbrough (He/Him/His), Associate Professor
Law & Society Major / Political Science Department
Orientation: Gay/Queer

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