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Attend a program that satisfies NY State’s requirements for professional licensure as a mental health counselor

Skills & Flexibility

Develop interviewing, assessment & counseling skills & select your course of study: externship, thesis or victim specialization

Real-World Learning

Conduct fieldwork at a site you select, such as a mental health clinic, a social service agency, a correctional facility & more


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Developed within the Department of Psychology, the Forensic Mental Health Counseling program is a "license eligible" academic program that satisfies the state's educational requirements for professional licensure as a mental health counselor. The program is approved by New York State, where upon completion, students are eligible to obtain their limited permit, leading to licensure as a mental health counselor with a specialization in forensics. Students learn to work with diverse populations within forensic clinical settings.

Within the program, students develop skills in interviewing, assessment and counseling, based upon established theories, principles and research in human development, personality, psychopathology, and counseling. Students are uniquely prepared to work towards licensure as counselors in settings including but not limited to victim services, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, probation and parole agencies, and social service agencies. The program places a strong emphasis on intersections among race, class, gender, ethnicity and sexuality with an aim towards developing multicultural awareness. The program requires clinical fieldwork and offers research opportunities for those students interested in pursuing doctoral education.

For complete information about this Master of Arts in Forensic Mental Health Counseling, click HERE.