Jill Norgren
Professor Emerita
University of Michigan
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania

Jill Norgren, Professor Emerita of Political Science and emerita member of the PhD program in Political Science at the Graduate School and University Center, received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of Michigan. She taught courses on American politics, the legal treatment of subcultures in the United States, women and the law, and constitutional law. Professor Norgren has authored numerous journal articles and four books: Belva Lockwood: The Woman Who Would Be President (2007); American Cultural Pluralism and Law (l988, l996, 2006) (with Serena Nanda); The Cherokee Cases: The Confrontation of Law and Politics (l996); and Partial Justice: Federal Indian Law in a Liberal-Constitutional System (l991) (with P.T. Shattuck). Her research has been supported by grants and fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Bar Association, and the PSC-CUNY Research Award Program. Professor Norgren is currently writing a legal and political biography of nineteenth century American lawyer, presidential candidate (l884, l888), and peace activist Belva A. Lockwood with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian, the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, and PSC-CUNY. Her preliminary work on Lockwood may be read in 23(1) Journal of Supreme Court History and the Wilson Quarterly (Autumn 2002). She is the first member of the John Jay College faculty to be awarded a Woodrow Wilson International Center Fellows Award (for 2000-2001).