What is MarchingOrder?

MarchingOrder is a software that personalizes the commencement ceremony experience. When you walk across the stage, your name and major will be displayed on a large television screen. Aside from displaying your name on the screen during the ceremony, MarchingOrder is also the vendor that is managing the commencement ticket request process, for you and your guests.

I am not able to register for MarchingOrder. Why is that?

The MarchingOrder registration process is a two-step process. The first step is to apply for graduation. Please note, graduation is different from Commencement. Graduation refers to the process of applying for completion of your degree/certificate program with the registrar. Commencement refers to the actual ceremonyIf you have not yet applied for graduation through CUNYFirst, then you did not get a MarchingOrder email. The second step, is to register for MarchingOrder, using the email link sent to you by MarchingOrder. 

NOTE:  you only get this email to your preferred CUNYFirst email address, after you have applied for graduation, AND been certified by the registrar’s office to participate in the commencement ceremony. Update your preferred email on CUNY First before you apply for gradution.

Make sure to update your CUNY preferred email address on CUNY First where you will receive the invitation. 

How do I register for MarchingOrder?