Elias Silverman

Elias Silverman

Professor Emeritus
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B. A  Allegheny College

M. A  Pennsylvania State University 

Ph.D  Pennsylvania State University


Eli B. Silverman is Professor Emeritus, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Center, City University of New York. He served with the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Academy of Public Administration, Washington D. C.  He has also been an exchange Professor at the British Police Staff College in England, the Irish National Police Service at the Garda Siochana College in Templemore, Ireland  and at the University of Toulouse in Toulouse, France. 

Dr. Silverman has consulted with and trained police agencies in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain,  Mexico, Portugal, China, Australia, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and elsewhere. He had lectured at numerous universities and law schools in the US and abroad. 

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Recent Publications:

"Forcible Stops : Police and Citizens Speak Out" with John Eterno and Christine Barrow, Public Administration Review,  2016, Vol XX

"NYPD's COMPSTAT: Strengths and Weaknesses" with John Eterno, Journal of Police Studies," 2015-4 No 37, pp. 41-55.

"Numbers and Narratives," in Cockbain, E. and Knutsson J. (eds), Applied Police Research: Challenges and Opportunities, 2014, Abingdon, Routledge

The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation with John A. Eterno, 2012, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis

NYPD Battles Crime: Innovative Strategies in Policing,  Northeastern University Press 

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Professor Silverman research interests and publications include zero tolerance,  policing a diverse community, organizational change, police decision making, innovative policing, community policing,  police productivity, training and opeerations in patrol and traffic stop, police management, the reliability of crime statistics, stop and frisk and racial profiling and the use of police cameras.

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Research interest

Dr. Silverman's research interests include police performance management, community policing, policy analysis, stop and frisk, compstat, police supervision, and investigative techniques and procedures.  He has lectured and advised on issues relating to Police Innovation, comparative policing, Police Leadership and strategic planning.

He has served as a consultant and expert witness in court cases on these topics and testified as an expert witness in the New York City "stop and frisk" trial. The decision cited his research.

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His expertise lies in Police Innovation and Reengineering, police reform, racial profiling, the crime numbers manipulation, Police Leadership and strategic plnaning. Related issues include stop and frisk, Compstat, police performance management, and police leadership.

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