Career Learning Tutorials

5 Things You Should Always Do Before An In-Person Interview

Preparing for an in-person interview? Here are the five things that you should always do before you “Wow!” that interviewer!


Resume Writing Tips

Helpful tips that can help you build your resume


Why You Need Action Verbs On Your Resume!

Action verbs are an essential part of resume. This tutorial will show how you can use action verbs to create a five star resume.


How To Use John Jay Careers Online

John Jay Careers Online provides a wealth of resources for current students and alumni. This video shows you how to make the most of this database by searching for jobs, register for upcoming events and scheduling an appointment.


An Introduction To Academic Internships

Thinking about an Academic Internship? Academic internships allow you to receive course credit while you participate in an internship of your choice. This video provides a quick guide on enrolling in internship courses, finding internships and how the Center for Career & Professional Development can support you with getting started.


What The Center for Career & Professional Development Can Do For You

The Center for Career and Professional Development is your home for all your career preparation needs. This video will provide you with a brief overview of our services, resources and how we can support all your professional development needs.